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Friday, July 2, 2010

Commandment or suggestion 3, those strange swearing word!
Commandment or suggestion 3, those strange swearing words!

Ever seen an R rated movie or +18 movie? If you have I would bet the language was something unpleasent. F#@* and other choice words are often spewed out every few sentences and people seem to think that by doing so they make these movies “true to life”.

Since so many people (without a strong basis to their lives) copy people in movies, I suggest that actually that the language in these movies make life worse for all of us and damage the viewers.

Aaah! But I forget!

They don’t care about the viewers as people, they only care about us as a source of income! Needless to say they don’t really worry about this abuse of people or if they can cause us to be shocked or amazed as they want to get any reaction from us. That’s what they really want! Something memorable even if it is disgusting!

What is really interesting is the swearing that occurs in the PG and +13 year age group movies! It’s far worse and yet nobody seems to care.

I say this because the third commandment says [1]Do not misuse the name of the Lord your God. The Lord will find guilty anyone who misuses his name.”

The words, “Jesus”, “God”, “Oh my God!” are all innocent if used correctly but they are powerfully dangerous if used as a swear word. If they are misused they come with a real promise of being found guilty. This makes them more risky than the other words. Other less nasty but equally unpleasant words start with “Holy …”
 Amazingly people seem to have less problems with people saying these than with people using the other more common four letter swear words in speech.

Don’t they understand? How would they like it if someone took their name and every time something happened they didn’t like or that shocked them they shouted it out?

My name is "Ken" and I would definitely not like people abusing it with “Ken”, “O’ Ken!”, Oh my Ken!” when they had no intent to address me or use my name correctly at all. Put your name in their and see ho it feels to you! As a minimum I would ignore them. Do we want to be ignored by God?

I guess when we are talking of the person supremely in control of everything in the universe, the person who holds together the very atoms in our bodies, the person to whom everything in this universe reports, we should not abuse that name!

 It’s of interest to me to see we don’t shout out “Mohammed” or “Buddha”!

Why is it the Christian God who is singled out in this way? Is it perhaps because although it is incredibly shocking the reason we don’t react is that we have got so “accustiomed” to this level of perversion that we no longer see it for what it is?

I stopped misusing God’s names a good few years ago and have never felt I couldn’t express myself adequately.

How about you? Do you think you can improve your environment and yourself by using better language?

[1] Exodus 20 v 7 NIRV
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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day!
Today is the day that Canada celebrates becoming Canada!

It's good that we remember this birth event isn't it. Each country has them and it is wonderful that we can say with some certainty we have a history and a starting point! We write lot's about it, and hopefully we watch a fireworks display and feel proud of being part of our group.

Christianity has two really big birthdays for each person to celebrate.

The day Christ was born (we take it generally at 25th December) and the day we are reborn (when we give Christ control of our lives.
Great days! Good to remember and if you haven't got to that second birthday yet, it's there are ready for you when you do. Just stay true! Keep searching for truth and pure love!

They will lead you to that birthday.

A longer blog tomorrow.... have a wonderful day today! Canada will! Laughing

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What happens when a government lies and spins truth? Fire McGuinty!
What happens when a government lies and spins truth?
Yesterday, Ontario Premier McGuinty was revealed as supporting a lie that duped the public!

How is this serving the public?


McGuinty needs to be fired!

“As first revealed by the Star last Friday, the Public Works Protection Act was amended by Premier Dalton McGuinty’s cabinet on June 2 to allow police to arrest people who refused to supply ID or agree to a search at the G20 summit site.” [1]

Now the Premiers office is saying they didn’t pass this law but the behaviour allowed in the police was. . .

The freelance web developer was taking pictures of a piece of fence under the Union Station rail tracks on Friday when he was stopped by Toronto police officer.

“He asked me for identification, I said to him, ‘Why?’ And he immediately grew belligerent,” Adams said Tuesday.

The unnamed officer cited the controversial Public Works Protection Act and warned that “new legislation had been passed and anybody inside the security zone or within five metres of the fence was required to produce identification upon request, or submit to a search or they could be arrested.”

Priemier McGuinty should read the bibles advice given regarding guiding a nation. . .

" 'Do not steal.

    " 'Do not tell lies.

    " 'Do not cheat one another.

  " 'Do not take an oath and give false witness in my name. That would be treating it as if it were not holy. I am the Lord your God. “

 McGuinty and those who went along stole people’s freedom for a few days. They lied or at worst deliberately mislead the public which is called giving “false witness” in our bible.

How do they expect that we as the public will react on the next truthful urgent communication? We will disregard it because there is no credibility left.

This is what happens when someone lies! Their integrity value drops. We disregard what they have to say and we treat them with disbelief.

That’s what has now happened in Ontario! The people are annoyed and the public will not be easily subdued! They shouldn’t be either. We were treated by our government like we have no ability to support truth.

I was particularly pleased to see that Canadians don’t all support the violence whether done by the mob or the police!

One wonderful sight was seeing a member of the crowd dealing with a anarchist who broke into a Bell store and stole a phone. Once this anarchist got outside a guy in the crowd tackled him, grabbed the phone and threw it back into the store before letting him go again. The crowd roared their support of this brave individual.

This is the way people react if you let them see truth and righteousness!

They uphold it!

Learn from this Mr McGuinty!

How about asking the public to support the security and turn in anarchists instead of lying to us (or as you now suggest spinning the truth and deliberately misleading us)?

We want security, truth and safety for our citizens and the world leaders! We would have helped! We can be trusted even if you cannot be!

My prayer today is for honourable governments! Ones that truly represent truth and good and honestly deal with tough issues! Something that is considered always the case in Canada but unfortunately this time was not! The image of the integrity of the Canadian mountie is a view that people have of Canada from outside.

Let’s pray that integrity that has until now been in our governments will return.
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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Commandment or suggestion 2, we donít idolize or do we?
Commandment or suggestion 2, we don’t idolize or do we?

 Yesterday I looked into the 1st commandment and how God wants to have the relationship with us that is like two people have when they are about to be married!

A relationship where both people want to spend time together, they love each other above everything and everyone else, where the other person seems to fill our senses and occupy each spare moment we have! It is a wonderful exciting, invigorating and overwhelming experience! An amazing time!

That’s what God wants and is the content of the first commandment which states we should not put anything ahead of God.

Let’s look at those lovers about to get married! Suppose one of them immediately before the wedding turns to another person instead of their lover, and starts to kiss and make out with this imposter. Then suppose that they make love with them in front of their fiancé!

How would the fiancé feel?

How does God feel about us doing this?

he says. . .

"You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me, but showing love to a thousand {generations} of those who love me and keep my commandments.”

I guess we can get the emotion in this statement above! Raw powerful emotion! The anger at being setup and abused by those who promise their love to God and then turn away to another. The powerful love for us that motivates and empowers!

God tells us not to turn away and make a big mistake and he puts in some strong motivators to get us to not abuse our relationship with him. Notice the love motivator is vastly more powerful than the punishment. He wants us to stay away from evil and idols! Why? Why would one promised to another person turn and abuse them the way I explained in the example? Would it be that they were perhaps not actually true in the first place?

If so, they should never have entered the relationship right? To go in and then twist it to cause maximum pain to the other is nasty right? No one would respect such a person, right?

Okay, so we should not do that to our loving God. We know that he is so loving because despite this he forgives us for doing this when we do it! That’s why he came to pay for all the wrong things we did! To give us another chance! Jesus! That is another discussion so let me stick to Commandment 2. (As a side note, it’s not a suggestion since it says “You shall not. . .”).

What makes us idolize things? How does it happen?

First we have to turn our eyes away from that which we truly love. We have to change our focus! 

That evil personality Satan injects wonderful lies into our lives to draw our eyes away from truth to something that appears far better. In our example this could be seen as from our true love to a prostitute. One who is dressed (or undressed) to suck up our immediate attention. To that naked dancer who pulls our hearts and minds away from our true love!

I spoke of things that get used to turn us away yesterday.
What takes up our time and money? Where do we spend most of our thinking time?

This is a great indicators of the sneaky evil thoughts that get injected into our consciousness to take our focus away from truth. Although we shouldn’t allow this we often do because we so like these false experiecnes, don’t we? They are easy to give into. . .


Let’s turn back to our true love and keep our focus where we will be blessed for the rest of our lives, rather than have a spurt of exuberance for an instant, followed by a lifetime of sorrow at what we have missed! Failure may happen, but we must be willing to grovel and ask forgiveness and get back into the right true loving relationship. That is the way of lovers isn’t it?

So, let’s keep our love for our amazing heavenly Father who gives us himself as Holy Spirit to be with us every moment of every day to keep us touching the power of his love moment by moment with every breath we breathe.
 Let’s connect with God today in an intimate way. Deeply experiencing his love and freely letting it flow into the lives of those around us.

Let’s avoid getting caught up by idolatry and selfish short term goals.

Let’s give love and receive it all day long.

 Wow! It’s going to be a good day!
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Monday, June 28, 2010

1st Commandment or is it a suggestion?
1st Commandment or is it a suggestion?


In most of the western world we know that the Christian bible has “10 Commandments” but if asked what they are, most of us are fairly vague as to what they say.


Then, we really don’t think they apply and if they do they are probably outdated. With this thinking pattern, we have an opportunity to take a look into them. To do this we need to understand who probably wrote them, around when, and maybe have a guess at why (actually more than a guess because it tells us why).


Do these words even have any relevance for us today? They were written a long time back to a big bunch of escaped slaves! Why would we even think of listening to them?


Not everyone knows there are more than one place where the commandments are written. Exodus 20 is one. Here the commandment says . . .

“Do not put any other gods in place of me!”


The person who wrote it was probably a guy by the name of Moses and he claims to have got these exact words from God on some stone tablets.

Today we would probably say “yeh, right!” in a cynical way.

Nobody in those days had that attitude so maybe things were a bit different then. It’s rather amazing that a whole culture adopted this and propagated it forward right through experiences where they were mixed in with other people to try and give them different values, and remove this very aspect from their lives. These words stuck in the hearts and minds of a nation for thousands of years.

Can you think of anything important enough to do the same for our culture that has been said in the last ten years?


Okay, so Exodus 20 says this, where else can we expect to see similar words in the bible?


Well Deuteronomy, another book has the exact same words in chapter 5.


So let’s look at the context of these words in Exodus. . .


“1 Here are all of the words God spoke. He said,

 2 ‘I am the Lord your God. I brought you out of Egypt. That is the land where you were slaves.

 3 "Do not put any other gods in place of me.’”


The words suggest Moses was quoting them as if God himself said them. So why remind the people of who he was, surely they knew?
Well maybe! What we all do is look at our lives from a selfish perspective. We have to because that’s the only existence we know and are an expert in. The rest is what we try to figure out.


The typical Israelite of the time, if the bible is to believable, had been a slave. They had been exposed to a culture which was pretty advanced and also pretty loose with morals. (Royalty interbred to keep the power in the family). Gold and silver were real important as were various spices and foodstuffs. Sex was something people did publicly in foreign temples (probably a bit like a live porn show) and so people didn’t have a very clear idea of what God appreciated when they got given this list.


The thing that they did know is that some totally abnormal things happened to enable them to get away from their slave masters and that this was too strange and amazing to be random chance. They knew a super power was doing it but were probably not to sure who or what this was. That’s why God set out the list with Moses to tell them it was he that had organized their escape.


So what does this mean to us?


Maybe because if God happens to be who he says he is, he is around today and we are likely to have to be careful not to screw up our relationship with him! A bit like being careful of disrespecting someone who has the ability to really screw with our future!


So, say we buy the fact there might be a God, what is this statement actually saying to us today?


We don’t worship gods nowadays do we?

None of us build little or big images of gods and go worship them every day! In fact worship is a word generally reserved for specific overly accentuated attitudes towards movie stars and rock stars, as typified by the term “groupie” that we use. Normal folk don’t do a lot of this do we?


Let’s see. . .our god’s are probably a little less obvious. How about the BMW, Mercedes, Honda or other loved car bought so we can show off to our buddies? What else do we own that’s like that? What do we spend a fair bit of our income on, simply because we want to be better than others and be able to show others how much better we are? Those electronics that capture our mind and emotions, like our iPods, iPhones, iPads, big screen TV’s? Are these wrong to own and have?




What is wrong is when we put them ahead of our relationship with God and others. It’s wrong when we replace God with these things and people. When doing things with them and for them replaces our time of doing things with and for God!


Do we give God the leftovers after we have filled our lives with our little gods? Do we really love God properly?


The Christian God is not one who wants half relationships! He wants a deep intimate relationship with us where we respect each other so much that there is no-one or nothing else that is more important. Where we dedicate our lives to being with and around Him!

We have a much better deal than the “groupie” who hangs around where that rock star goes. We have a life where we as part of the church are engaged to be married to God (That’s how the bible say’s it). It is that level of intimacy! It’s family, not worship from afar! We get to go into the inner parts of God’s home. He doesn’t show us his public image, but reveals his love to us personally.


That’s the relationship God wants and that’s why he says “Do not put any other gods in place of me!”


Let’s go connect with God who loves us today!
It’s an awesome experience!

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Donít only read the bible!
Don’t only read the bible!

If you want to screw up only read the bible!

Here’s a short story to explain this point!

It was cold in northern regions of Canada. The car just wouldn’t start and the manual was lying alongside the man as he tinkered under the hood. He had read every part of the book on the long winter nights and knew it by heart. The car had always run perfectly. But this time as it had been idling it seemed to have stalled and stopped. It was -45C outside and he had left it idling as usual to keep it warm, but had come out to find it had stopped. He though he knew what it said in the book, but didn’t know where to start. He didn’t have tools, experience, or any idea how to get going.

Going inside he called his mechanic. The expert! When the man came he got the vehicle going in relatively short while.

The man watched as the mechanic carefully lit a fire under the engine (this IS dangerous so don’t try it!) and then carefully fed it small scraps of wood for a while. He made sure not get the flames to high or too low. He seemed to focus on the engine block, the radiator and oil filter. Then, putting the fire out, he put some gas in the tank and finally boosting it from his own SUV’s got it started.

The owner of the car asked why the manual couldn’t help him. The mechanic said, “It gives you all the information you need, but practical real life experience count’s. That book gives you the basis but applying it in our circumstances really teaches! Up north we do everything in the manual but we also never run out of gas and never let our engine block freeze!”

 We as Christians need to apply what we read more than read more and more. Too much reading confuses us with facts. Using the little we know allows Holy Spirit to engage in the process and power up our lives.

I guess we need to look at the various manuals as well. Let’s get one we find we can easily read. There’s and ancient well worn older version King James Version, the more accurate NIV, a common language Message, and easy to read English New International readers version and many others.

Find the one you find reasonable the read a small bit each day an APPLY it.

Next, don’t you think it pays to ask others you live with to help you understand it! None of us is built to go it alone! God put us with each other so we can help, advise, care for and build up each other.

Try and find out the context of what is being read. Not everything in life is read in the same way. Using the instruction manual’s depends on the context and the text was put into a special place by the author for a reason. Maybe it’s wise to know why? Using a cookbook helps us prepare meals but would not do to well if used to fix a vehicle right? Oil change advice is hardly useful if we have run out of gas!

Now let’s get into what that text means! Using our imagination we figure out what the original writer was saying to that original audience in their day! How would it have looked, smelt, and felt like?

Ask God for help! Pick up the heavenly iPod and use your voice to connect with God. i.e. Pray about it! Discuss it with God! Meditate on it! Let’s enable the words power up our mind and emotions. Try and detect what Holy Spirit is saying with the words.

Now we need to figure out how we will use what we have learned! Imagine putting this to work. Where? When? How? With what? With whom? While wearing what? What sounds would be around? Smells? How would others perhaps react? What can we learn from this?

Then let’s ask God to use what we have implanted into our consciousness. Let’s pray and give Him the right to activate it to help us today. Perhaps you haven’t an idea of what to start with, try reading Matthew 7:24-29 to kick off this process. Have a great day!

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