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Friday, January 13, 2012

Breastfeeding in public, is Facebook wrong?

    Over the past few days there has been a lot of media interest on women who are posting bare breasted photo’s of themselves feeding their babies.

They claim it is their right to feed in public!

Coming originally from Africa where in my youth the women didn’t even wear tops and let it all hang around, I don’t get bothered either way. It’s normal life there and probably in a number of other countries.

However, in these western countries where we are covered up all the time in public, it seems rather like these woman are going against the norm of society. Again, how they deal with their own families and friends is their business, but to FORCE the public, including children and possible rehabilitating sex offenders to be exposed to more than their opinion, is to me an act of selfishness.

I have no doubt our Lord has no problem with nudity since even Adam and Eve let it all hang out when they walked around and chatted to him in those primeval times, but I know he does not appreciate selfishness. Those women are being selfish and manipulative to get the ability to flaunt themselves in the face of modesty.

I can almost hear the men who like a bit of sexual arousal agreeing until they see some of the pictures. These are intimate times, a mom and her child. These are not times to be public. I don’t want to see you changing your babies’ diapers, I don’t want to see you feeding your child either! Any man who gets aroused by this type of picture is a chump from my perspective. (Sorry mate!)

In Canada, we had a law passed to allow women to walk around cities bare breasted! Having walked around Toronto, a major city since then, I have yet to see any women using this legal opportunity. Why? Because most women know right from wrong, even if the Canadian courts don’t!

Facebook says it is against their policies to have nudity on the site, even breastfeeding nudity. In this case I say, “well done Facebook!” which is a rare complement from me as I find their continual intrusion from adverts and applications invasive on what I consider my own private area (oh, yes, are those photo’s actually public? )

Yesterday a Canadian court upheld the law against going nude in public that was challenged by a man who drove up to a Tim Hortons coffee shop in the nude. He upset the young lady serving him. Good for the Canadian courts! He too was being selfish and inconsiderate!

 So let’s ask ourselves a question; “in what ways are we inconsiderate and how can we correct these?”

We may not go around flaunting unclothed bodies, but we are perhaps less considerate of others in other ways.

Have a great day, try not to think too hard about this, but let us go and appreciate those we live and work with!

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Same sex marriages, legal or not?

Now a same sex couple in Canada are claiming the marriage they came to Canada to consummate and legalize, is not legal! [1]

They say this is because the country they came from and the law to which they ascribe in that country, doesn’t permit same sex marriages!

Two faced or not?

First they abuse the biblical definition of marriage and use Canada to get married since Canada has relaxed it’s definition of marriage, then they argue that Canada is to blame and needs to undo it’s own laws made for them.

Let’s be honest folk, same sex activities and relationships have been happening since the beginning of mankind’s fall into evil. Whether a country adopts God’s law or not is immaterial to those of us who love and follow God, since we will do what God wants anyhow!

Marriage in a Christian sense, I have previously blogged, is a three way agreement; man, woman and God. Then what God has put together should not ever be torn apart by man, so this is not something anyone should enter into lightly.

Marriage is blessed by God as he uses it to describe the greatest relationship in eternity, that between himself and us, his church! Again, if we check the cost of this love and relationship, it is extremely expensive. We are not linked to God in a cheap way.

Unlike how this same sex couple formed their relationship!

I also sometimes wonder why some heterosexual couples get married.

Many people that are marrying, are not subscribing to the three way relationship, so for them their marriage is simply a legal agreement, like that of buying a new car. These people put themselves into the relationship, but ensure the contract “escape” clauses are in place so they can “buy” themselves out if it doesn’t work out.

Their promises are not to God, but to paper agreements, like a commercial contract.

No wonder that many marriages fail so badly!

We aren’t expecting to be linked for life into whatever circumstances occur, but to be linked until the relationship “irreparably breaks down” (whatever that means).

This is sad! God’s word and blessings need to be respected and honoured. We need to keep our marriages Christ filled, God focussed and not expecting Nirvana because that is not a Christian concept.

We need to work at love, not expect it to appear on demand. We need to keep our minds focused on truth, honesty, love and faith and allow this to take us past the obstacles that can damage our relationships.

We need to love God, and then our partner with our whole heart, respecting them.

Those of us looking for that person should be praying for a partner who would love God more than themselves, because ultimately, God’s grace is the only thing that keeps any of us from divorce courts.

Have a great day today, and if you are married, how about telling your spouse you love them!
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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Do we have courage to investigate the truth, when to others it seems wrong?
Today the Google doodle commemorates Nicolas Steno born 1638 and lived to 1686.
 He was a Catholic bishop who decided that truth was to be researched rather than just believed.

He investigated fossils before they were called fossils and came to the conclusion that solid things got caught into layers and that their composition change to rock over time.

So he can be considered a father of the modern science of stratigraphy.

He is interesting because he converted from being a protestant to Catholic and then focussed on research which he considered easier and better to do in the Catholic church of the day. He was not popular but struggled with his life's work until he died!

He investigated things others considered unnecessary to investigate. He questioned the unquestionable and because of this innate curiosity we have profited greatly.

God gave us curiosity!

Watch any child that is at that crawling stage of life and see how quickly the home has to become “baby” proofed. We are curious before we can talk or walk! Then we grow to children and people stop wanting that curiosity. We grow further to teenagers and the social limitations strongly limit our curiosity. When we finally get to being adults, we have been limited in curiosity so much, that it has often become reflexive to cull our own curiosity. Instead we can come to see it as something that “gets us into trouble”.

Doesn’t our bible says “For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light  (for the fruit of the light consists in all goodness, righteousness and truth) and find out what pleases the Lord.” Ephesians 5:8&9 NIV.

God expects us to be curious and investigate things! God created everything there is to investigate and what he created is good! If God is truth, searching for truth is what he designed us to do, so we should never be concerned when doing this task.

If God is who he says he is, our investigations can never prove otherwise! They may turn up anomalies, areas of inadequate understanding, but proof that God does not exist cannot be formulated any more than we can do a scientific experiment to prove he exists.

God is revealed by faith in Jesus, in doing what God gives us to do as directed by his words captured in  our bible and by applying faith, hope and love into all we do.

In this way the search is invigorating and provides the spice flavouring our lives. It takes us to new and unexplored reaches of our mind and the world around us. It is the ultimate pleasure of finding God in all around us.

So today, as we remember Nicolas, let us also remember to investigate God’s creation freely without fear. God is greater than creation!
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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Isn't the quality of truth self-evident?
“I'm not upset that you lied to me, I'm upset that from now on I can't believe you” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

 There is something about the quality of truth that is absolutely self evident.

Lies told to relieve ones situation, help little!

Almost everyone lies at one time or the other, and some people claim that nobody can always tell the truth. Truth releases us and sets us free, while lies lock us up in chains that drag us down. Lies destroy trust immediately they are discovered, don't they?

It may seem easier to tell a lie to get out of a situation but somehow the whole world wants truth from us.

Even people who lie themselves don’t want to be lied to, do they?

Jesus said “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. If you really know me, you will know my Father as well. From now on, you do know him and have seen him.”[1]

Truth is the way! Truth leads to life! Jesus says he is truth and by knowing truth and Him, we know God himself!

Perhaps this is proof for the existence of God. That truth is self directing and proves itself! Our court systems search for it, we demand it, and when we try and live by it, our lives become free and less complicated.

People often think that by squirming out of a tough situation they are responsible for, they are successful.

My experience is the opposite, I find that by speaking truth, and with as much love as possible, the situation can be transformed into a positive experience for all involved.

This is sometimes hard to remember, particularly in tough circumstances, but it is more that worthwhile. Even succeeding in falsehood only ties us down to lies. Being punished for truth somehow makes us victorious, even if it is unjust. We have the Gandhi’s, Mandela’s and Christ of this world to show us that don’t we?

So today, let's have the courage to live by truth. Not hard hurtful truth, but the freedom loving truth that sets us and others free, and builds us into eternal spiritual Truth that is of limitless value!

[1] John 14:6 NIV

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Monday, January 9, 2012

Jesse died of Cancer Saturday


Yes, it happens, we all have that terminal illness called life!


There is not anyone reading this blog who doesn’t!

You and I all have life, and by that definition we also are directed to end it by dying.

So, if that’s the case what is the point of life?

It appears as if for Jesse, a 12 year old girl who died on Saturday of cancer, it was to help thousands of others and inspire tens of thousands.[1]

He families message is

“"Dear friends...we have prayed and prayed and prayed for sweet Jessie to be healed here on earth but God's plan was to use heaven for healing. Jessie earned her wings today and is with Jesus now!!! No pain..complete vision...spreading joy. Please pray for our family as we walk out of the valley of death and towards the mountain top … Please join us in carrying on her joyful spirit and Never Ever Give Up attitude."

This is an inspirational message by a family of an inspirational young girl who activated more than 77 000 people to do something to help others.

This is the challenge she puts in front of us all. . .will our life count?

God gives each of us only one life. Sometimes we achieve everything in a few years, as it was with Jesse and sometimes it takes until old age, but we all have only one life.

Jesus understood that!

He died young to ensure his message and life’s work would be far reaching and eternally effective.

We are all scared of pain (at least most of us), but that should not cause us to shrink back from achievement. Courage is needed, but God’s Holy Spirit seems to provide that courage at the time it is needed if we stick close to God in our living.

We are all part of the fabric of God’s eternal plan. Each life a simple thread that weaves and holds that fabric together. The whole design is dependent on each person doing their work.

Let us pray that today we would have the courage to face our own challenges with faith, hope and love. Let’s look outward and away from ourselves to others and how they are feeling and experiencing life. Let’s help where we can, push evil aside wherever we can do so, and maintain a forward impetus on achieving God’s purpose for our life.

Let’s also offer a prayer for a family who is hurting today!

[1] http://www.christianpost.com/news/12-year-old-dies-of-cancer-still-inspires-thousands-to-never-give-up-66647/
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