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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Another day begins...

Another day I'm happy my feet reach the floor to walk into experiences, decisions and joy!

I am in Mexico at the moment, enjoying warm sun, wonderful people and experiencing some great food. Yet, I look around and see so many people who work so very hard, just to make enough money to enable them to live and get to Mañana  (tomorrow) to work again!

Tomorrow is the day that we move towards no matter what we do.

Today is the day that becomes a flow of decisions taking us from the past to the future.

In simplicity we could consider ourselves as decision makers, flowing reality and life through our abilities to decide and do. With this perspective, the most effective living is in the quality and correctness of the decisions.

Last night, I was having dinner with a guy who has major responsibility in the business world. A man who understands deeply how you take the gold we dig out the ground and turn it into dollars to support his workers, his shareholders and the extension of the corporate enterprise. I am not sure he is a Christian, but he seems to know what it means. We were discussing different types of people. At one point he was talking to a guy who is definitely not a Christian. It was interesting that in his conversation, he pointed out he has to work with a very evil person and that he has another Christian employee work with this evil man. The group discussing this all agreed that the Christian was their security in this area of the business, and this person was the only way they could know they were not getting taken in and lied to by the evil of this man. Even the non-christian people could not understand wy a good person like this christian tolerated the evil of the person they worked with, and would not walk away.

This is the value we as Christians bring to the world! We clean it up to make it better for others. We reach out to sinners and give them opportunities, sometimes at our own expense. Our lives are held up as good examples even by those who would tend to mock our devotion to God. Sometimes we don’t feel like we are doing much. Sometimes it’s hard to even get out that bed and put our feet down on the floor, but we are God’s servants that change the world for a little better each day.

So each day we need to understand that independent of our feelings, we contribute. We should do so with joy, no matter how complex, unpleasant or difficult our tasks. We are God’s warriors in a world of evil, taking it on and deciding to do it God’s way as much as possible.

So today, let’s do our best to open ourselves to opportunities and Holy Spirit, and then we can flow through the decisions of the day with the quality and effectiveness that makes an enormous difference to those we meet in our corner of the universe.

Have a great day!

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fears and trusting God


“Many of us crucify ourselves between two thieves - regret for the past and fear of the future.” ~ Fulton Oursler

Why do we allow regrets to hold us back?

All of us have screwed up at some time in our past haven't we?

Some of us seem to have that ability to completely ignore the fact we made a huge mistake and continue life as if all is fine. Others of us find that no matter how much we have asked forgiveness, have prayed about it, have tried to act in faith regarding it, we continually have the same old memory trigger emotions that pull us down and hold us back.

Ever had that happen to you?

This is tough, and really is not accepting God’s blessing into our life!

Jesus died so he could take the strain for our screw ups. All he wants is to have our love and willingness to have him direct of path forward in life. We can let the screw up go! No matter how bad they are, God forgives and clears away the debris!

Our problem is ourselves! We need to be sure to stop incorrect thinking patterns each time they occur since that is our decision of will that activates the blessing into our lives, isn’t it?

Tryiing to stop thinking about something that we feel we screwed up on, is not easy is it? When it’s a tough, emotional feeling about a past failure that perhaps hurt others and changed our lives, it’s tough! That’s where a deep understanding Jesus and what he did helps! We cannot only address this only at an intellectual level. We must continue the investigation into God until it awakens those tremendous surges of emotion that come with deep spiritual awareness. This is necessary to overcome our meager feelings of failure. The power of God’s love washes away the past as we dive deeper into the mysteries and understand its depth and extent.

Trusting and praising God relieves us of our past failings!

Then, some of us are more scared of what is to come than what is past, aren’t we?

This again ties us up in knots of despair!

It should not, we know that, but it seems we just cannot function in that knowledge at times.

Often this feeling is tied to expected failure, or inadequacy, isn’t it? We see ourselves as less, or unable. This in Christians is not something we need to fear. God promises he is with us and in fact the bible tells us when we need to speak, if we are deep in the spirit of God, Holy Spirit will give us the words. God somehow takes over and become the promoter of what is said and done. Even apparent failure is not when God has hold of our life and circumstances. Some of the most incredible success of my life were when I did what I knew God wanted apparently failing in human terms. God took these “failures” and changed them for the better for not only me, but also for others!

Fear of the future when we have as our guide the God of the universe who created it, guides it and upholds it, is rather a waste of time isn’t it?

Instead we need to ride the wave, hang in with the events that seem to flow forward, pushing us to exciting new experiences or guiding us between those reefs of life’s fearsome events.

We have a unique ability to have the most exhilarating ride of life possible.

Uniquely designed for us and who we are! All it takes is trusting God!

Not so easy right? Really we need to reject that lie!

Focussing on deepening our relationship with God provides the power we need to overcome the emotions holding us back. God’s love conquers all!

Then, we can move forward loving God in the days events.

They us remember...

“I trust in God. I praise his word. I trust in God. I will not be afraid. What can people do to me?”
[1]Psalm 56:4 NIRV

[1] Psalm 56:4 NIRV
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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How can we describe Godís love?

English is a poor language to describe love!

We abuse the word “love” by using it in the most incredibly silly circumstances don't we?
Take for example the person who says they “love” apple pie! Really! You got to be kidding! Using a powerful word of love to describe appreciation for the taste of something we eat?

Then we sake things like “for the love of mercy, switch of that TV”.  Now that’s another abuse as in this case it is more a meaning of “in consideration of”.

How about “I am in love with my work”....yeuch! Abuse again, right?

English and the word “love” result in many ambiguous understandings. Perhaps that’s why when people are asked to love God, and their neighbours as themselves, this is why they don’t really understand what that means. They don’t  really know why or how they should be loving.

That’s why I appreciate psalm 103 so much! It explains how God loves us and tells us how we should respond to that love. This is what it says...

1 I will praise the Lord. 
      Deep down inside me, I will praise him.
      I will praise him, because his name is holy.
 2 I will praise the Lord.
      I won't forget anything he does for me.
 3 He forgives all my sins.
      He heals all my sicknesses.
 4 He saves my life from going down into the grave.
      His faithful and tender love makes me feel like a king.
 5 He satisfies me with the good things I long for.
      Then I feel young and strong again, just like an eagle.
 6 The Lord does what is right and fair
      for all who are beaten down.
 7 He told Moses all about his plans.
      He let the people of Israel see his mighty acts.
 8 The Lord is tender and kind. He is gracious.
      He is slow to get angry. He is full of love.
 9 He won't keep bringing charges against us.
      He won't stay angry with us forever.
 10 He doesn't punish us for our sins as much as we should be punished.
      He doesn't pay us back in keeping with the evil things we've done.
 11 His love for those who have respect for him
      is as high as the heavens are above the earth.
 12 He has removed our lawless acts from us
      as far as the east is from the west.
 13 A father is tender and kind to his children.
      In the same way, the Lord is tender and kind
      to those who have respect for him.
 14 He knows what we are made of.
      He remembers that we are dust.
 15 People's lives are like grass.
      People grow like the flowers in the field.
 16 When the wind blows on them, they are gone.
      No one can tell that they had ever been there.
 17 But the Lord's love
      for those who have respect for him
      lasts for ever and ever.
   Their children's children will know
      that he always does what is right.
 18 He always loves those who keep his covenant.
      He always does what is right for those who remember to obey his commands.
 19 The Lord has set up his throne in heaven.
      His kingdom rules over all.
 20 Praise the Lord, you angels of his.
      Praise him, you mighty ones
      who carry out his orders and obey his word.
 21 Praise the Lord, all you angels in heaven.
      Praise him, all you who serve him and do what he wants.
 22 Let everything the Lord has made praise him
      everywhere in his kingdom.
   I will praise the Lord.

It starts and ends by explaining we need to praise God. That’s one way we show love! Not forgetting what he does for us is another. Appreciating his forgiveness, provision for us and help is another. Respecting him is another! Keeping to his guidelines and rules for our successful living is another. Serving him is an honor.

This gives us some idea of how to respect God who loves us.

I hope I can live up to that today. I also hope I can learn from this and love others in a similar way. Giving praise where it is due, remembering what they do, providing for and helping them and respecting them.

If I set that as an objective in interactions with others I think the day may turn out okay. What about you? How will you approach your day?

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Christians and vegetarianism
I do not say that one who is vegetarian is full of compassion and one who is not, is otherwise. We sometimes find people, who are vegetarians, are very bad people. Morarji Desai

Ancient rituals involved animal sacrifice. Lot’s of animals, and lest we think today we are any better, we need to know in many parts of the world, animals are still sacrificed for religious purposes. Jesus came to stop that practice and replaced that ancient practice with a once for all sacrifice. That means, that in Christianity there is no need to sacrifice animals for human’s mistakes any longer.


Christians can be compassionate to animals, but we are not Vegan by definition. Jesus ate lamb at the passover, and there is no precedent for us to avoid meat. Paul even indicated that eating meat from sacrifices to false God’s is okay, provided it doesn’t mislead people into thinking it was agreement to the practices of those false God’s.

Jesus also made a statement saying... "Listen and understand. What goes into your mouth does not make you 'unclean.' It's what comes out of your mouth that makes you 'unclean.' "[1]

Yet, there are examples of people in the bible who did not eat meat. Many say Adam and Eve didn’t eat meat, and it was only after the flood that God permitted eating meat (and said not to eat the blood). God said “"Everything that lives and moves will be food for you. I have already given you the green plants for food. Now I am giving you everything.[2]

While there is nothing supporting this, some Christians think this was temporary command, because all the plants had been wiped out by the flood. Maybe...but why the sacrifices and parties, with barbeques, that were part of religious celebrations associated with many temple festivals.

Somehow, I don’t think that was rescinded, and I think it is still in place today. We can eat meat!

The commandment, not to kill, can be misconstrued to apply to animals, but it is hardly likely to be the interpretation of the time. Particularly as God specified certain animals for sacrifice. Killing a person was, and still remains, very sinful so it is highly likely that God was saying don’t kill a person.

Okay, so what about Daniel?

He was an ancient Jew who lived under a pagan Kings control. The pagans ate meat. He and his friends were vegetarians. In fact, the bible explains that they were tested and found healthy. It’s more likely the reason they refused the meat and rich food, is that they refused the food because it had been sacrificed to idols.

So where does this leave us? Well I think God blesses us independent of the diet. If Jesus is to be believed "Listen and understand. What goes into your mouth does not make you 'unclean.' It's what comes out of your mouth that makes you 'unclean.'

Our choice is our choice!

Neither path is specifically approved or not approved.

There are some interesting facts we do need to know however.

I have heard, (and would need to have this substantiated but think it true) that meat uses four times the energy that is used by plants to produce a calorie of food for us to eat. So eating vegetables not only saves animals, but it uses resources more effectively.

Personally, I feel that extremes are not always where we should go. I was listening to a TED Talks exposition on green living, and a well-balanced speaker suggested we eat vegetables and “healthy” during the week, and allow ourselves to have the odd meat and “non-healthy” things that are so tasty on the weekends. That way we do a lot for the environment, but don’t have to completely give up meats, fatty foods and candy etc. Our health will improve, and so will our environment as about 80% less meat would be eaten each year this way.

I like this, because it also helps us save money. Vegetarian dishes tend to be less expensive. Another reason to do this, is that there are specific vitamins and proteins we get out of meat that are more difficult to get from vegetables, so with this mechanism we have a well-rounded diet.

So, our choice is ours to make. God will bless us either way! I have made my choice and trust you will at least think about yours today.

Have a great day!

[1] Matthew 15:10 NIRV

[2] Genesis 9:3 NIRV

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