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Friday, May 17, 2013

What is biblical Archeology?


digging.jpg"The excessive skepticism shown towards the Bible by important historical schools in the 18th and 19th centuries, certain phases of which will appear periodically, has been progressively discredited. Discovery after discovery has established the accuracy of innumerable details, and is brought increased for commissioned a guy of the Bible as a historical source. ~ The Archaeology of Palestine and the Bible, W.F. Albright

”Who is W.F.Albright?

Biblical archeology and W.F.Albright are linked as Albright (May 24, 1891 – September 19, 1971) is considered the father of modern biblical Archeology.

What is archeology?

It could be considered as the study of the ancient and recent human past through material remains.[1] It is a combination of art and science.

The science part is relatively new, only about 200 years old, but it has already changed history for us. The art part is the attempt to reconstruct ancient civilizations. The science part is the tools used to uncover facts. These combine to provide a plethora of visages of ancient life from which people theorize and select the most relevant or probable understanding of the ancient reality.

Biblical archeology is a focus that has developed on the time of the bible which covers from about 2500 B.C. to about 100 A.D.

There is also a focus on pre-history, that time before writing and how it influence history and biblical history.

Biblical archeology focuses on the Middle East. It enables us to understand political structures of the time, the lives and conditions of life in different parts of the ancient world at the time and in so doing sheds light on biblical texts.

Great discoveries have been made by looking at biblical texts enabling archeologists to discover ancient structures and locations, although pure archeology treats the bible with some disregard, considering it to a certain extent unreliable.

This is true to some level as the bible is not an archeology handbook or science textbook, both disciplines having been discovered much more recently. This book was written by a number of ancient people from different perspectives with differing objectives. One would hardly expect these to also have know sciences that were only to be invented thousands of years after they lived. Yet, despite this, this book still stands up with integrity to the rigors of modern testing in almost all cases. Small anomalies are discovered, but in the most part ,the modern science upholds biblical claims.

It must also be said that biblical archeology has unveiled truths in the bible with more clarity and force than they could perhaps have been understood before the science matured.

The one thing we must understand is that biblical archeology is not there to “prove” the bible. It is to shed light on biblical texts and times.

No one can prove or disprove the bible! The bible is text that reveals God to us. It enables us to connect with this superior being who established and holds all matter in existence. The bible is a communication tool, not an artifact treasure map. It’s purpose is to bring man and God closer together.

Biblical archaeology succeeds best when it provides aspects that enable this to occur with more truth and accuracy.

Truth is important and God is supreme supporting truth. As Christians, we need not fear science, as it can never disprove or prove God. It is self-limiting in this regard.

What we can do is enjoy the discoveries of biblical archeology, revel in the knowledge and enjoy coming alongside ancient people as they discover the wonder of a loving and fearful God who chooses to become a man, so we can understand God better.

For this we do not need science, even if it does help. What we need is to decide to allow the God of this universe to have control over our lives. Allow God to enrich our lives with a multitude of interesting and glorious discoveries. Some of which may be understandings illuminated by biblical archeology.

Hey, have a glorious day! God bless you!

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Canadians reported seeing 1,981 UFOs in 2012 - CTV reports

SETIfails.jpgThese days no one talks about seeing UFOs like they used to”

In April 2011, the Mountain View SETI program alien-seeking radio dishes were shut down due to lack of money.

This well-known array of radio dishes had failed to produce one shred of evidence of alien activity.

Not one shred of evidence to date!

Yet people see mysterious objects almost every day!

I guess there is a simple explanation...

People don’t recognise everything they see!

It’s interesting in Canada to see the UFO hotspots are Toronto, Calgary, Kelowna, Winnipeg and Vancouver.

Cities as hot spots? 

I live in the countryside and we get the city folk up every summer. We hear the wonderful explanations of sighting’s of things in the bush that people have seen, and they explain without knowing what it is.

Amusing in the extreme are some of these explanations.

We can often deduce what it is, although the person doesn’t know what they are talking of. Sometimes you would think they had discovered a new species from the way they describe them.

People just don’t recognise everything they see! Sometimes even the northern lights can be mis-interpreted.

Yes, it is interesting how many items we hear are reported, but it’s not surprising. People really want to believe in the alien life forms. They love considering what we would do if faced by an alien.

Yet, let’s consider a real encounter we do know of....

Jesus coming to Earth!

What did we do?

We listened, got frightened, decided he was a threat, and then had him hung on some wood to die a slow death as a spectacle for crowds of people to see.

Fortunately he was not only fully human but also God so the death resulted in a temporary downtime and Jesus came back alive and well.

This second visit gave humans a lot more to think about. God among us!

Now we started to believe and then Holy Spirit was sent to enable us to have contact with this “alien” 24hours a day.

Some of us live in contact all the time. It’s great!

We really don’t need to meet other aliens!

I find it amusing to read articles on SETI. This was the shining light of the search for aliens, years ago. Proudly displayed! People said proof would be there for everyone to see.

Now, when you read articles, you cannot find any sign of the fact it failed miserably. The articles tend to describe the fact that equations maybe show life out there. Everything skirts around the fact that SETI and the search for aliens has failed.

Why avoid speaking truth?

Maybe because then the one fact remains. ...Aliens could not have brought life to earth. Earth could not have originated life itself! So God must exist!

That’s a thought for today!

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

You donít know the path the wind takes.

blowingWind.jpgYou don’t know the path the wind takes. You don’t know how a baby is made inside its mother. So you can’t understand how God works either. He made everything. Ecclesiastes 11:5 NIRV

Okay! So this was written about 2500 years ago so in those days this was totally true.

Today it is less so, as we have weather prediction services that in macro scale explain wind by pressure changes and we know about placenta’s and the stages of baby growth.

Despite this, we still do not know enough!

For example, standing on an open space on one of those days when the wind comes and goes, starts and stops, swirls and gusts, one is never sure of how it does it, and when it will occur.

We have mastered the basics with great effort and science, but the micro controls are not understood.

This year I had a wind gust that came down onto my property in a narrow ten foot wide swathe with such force it knocked boughs of trees that stood 55 ft tall and took down one tree. Yet all around were trees with lesser boughs and less able to stand up to this force that were untouched. Such a focussed wind blast is unexplainable currently. We know they occur, but how can they be so focussed and powerful and short lived.

Embryology is a wonderful science that investigates the development of an embryo from the fertilization of the ovum to the fetus stage. Yet we still have so much to learn. We are only now starting to understand in a limited way the genetic control of development and how the cells signal the growth of totally different cells. How come those initial cells know just to divide and divide again to make identical cells, but suddenly, just at the right time, without apparent changes in their environment start to change to divide and form different cells. Bone cells, hair cells, eye cells, etc.

We still don’t understand that!

The fact this all goes on time and time again, showing how well laid out the process is.

It is so masterful that even Richard Dawkins who hates those of us who love God and pontificates science, cannot explain how life originates on earth except to say it must have come here as a product of aliens who visited.

He would rather believe in aliens than God? Hmmm, which concept makes more sense?

Not even he can explain the origin of life on earth. No-one can! It needs to start with DNA in an environment so hostile to development of DNA as to make it impossible.

God knows how it occurred!

We are learning, just learning...

I think one of the gifts God gave us was insatiable curiosity. We want to learn in every circumstance. It’s a wonderful gift that grows human kinds ability daily. Yet for all the amazing growth and invention, we still are only scratching at the surface of the knowledge of God.

How amazing is that?

We cannot understand how God works! The average person cannot even conceptualise the ten dimensions scientists considering string theory think we live in. We battle to extend past three to four dimensions, but can understand movement is a product of space and time so generally get to four (length, breadth, height and time change).

Scientists say that the ten dimensions are open and closed, but because ends can connect in the end all strings loop back and can be closed. The loop is sustained by the tension force trying to contract the loop and the uncertainty effect which keeps it stretched. What keeps these forces in tension, perfectly? God? Otherwise our universe would simply disappear!

These thoughts make our heads ache, yet are fundamental and simple to God.

This is the same God who offers to have a personal relationship with us and help us with our lives through eternity. This is the God who sent Jesus to die on the cross. This is the God who has in some unexplained way put himself into our hearts as Holy Spirit.

I’m glad he did.

Today I will marvel at the wonder and beauty of his creation and be amazed by it.

Will you?

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Can I know my mistakes?


Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” ~ Albert Einstein

Fear can stop us in our tracks! Fear of mistakes does just that!

Ever had that cold fear of indecision due to the possibility of choosing incorrectly and the fear of the consequences?

Writing exams can bring this on, and them people can become scared of exams. Life has more serious consequences and decisions can be hard ,real hard.

Indecision is however worse than deciding in most cases.

Think of if a baby were to never want to try something it may fail at. What would be the outcome? A baby that never makes mistakes is a crying bundle of humanity. It would never grow or become an adequate child or adult.

Mistakes are the base upon which we build success! Trying and failing means little. Trying again and failing again, means were have courage. Trying again and failing again, means we have endurance. Trying again until we succeed, means we are successful!

Each mistake is a stepping stone to success if we use them wisely. Of course we don’t like making them and some people seem to think they reflect badly on us. They don’t! Not learning from them might, but making mistakes is a normal part of building up and establishing the joy of truth in our lives. We are human, not God! We do make mistakes! God knows that!

Jesus came to correct a mistake that we couldn’t fix. He did that for us so we could move on in spiritual growth. We need to openly acknowledge our mistakes, apologise if they have caused others a problem, and then do our best to correct them and move on.

One way we can limit the number of mistakes is to follow God’s guidelines for life. Learning from a master who knows how to avoid mistakes has always been a good path for mankind. Learning from God is great!

The bible in psalm 19 says

The law of the Lord is perfect.
    It gives us new strength.
The laws of the Lord can be trusted.
    They make childish people wise.
The rules of the Lord are right.
    They give joy to our hearts.
The commands of the Lord shine brightly.
    They give light to our minds.
The law that brings respect for the Lord is pure.
    It lasts forever.
The directions the Lord gives are true.
    All of them are completely right.
10 They are more priceless than gold.
    They have greater value than huge amounts of pure gold.
They are sweeter than honey
    that is taken from the honeycomb.
11 I am warned by them.
    When I obey them, I am greatly rewarded.

Perfect law does not make for lack of mistakes. That’s why the psalm continues...

Can I know my mistakes?
    Forgive my hidden faults.
13 Keep me also from the sins I want to commit.
    May they not be my master.
Then I will be without blame.
    I will not be guilty of any great sin against your law.

14 Lord, may the words of my mouth and the thoughts of my heart
    be pleasing in your eyes.
    You are my Rock and my Redeemer.

God is the one who helps us know our mistakes, because without knowing them, how can we grow past them?

God assists us as does his law. Yet God is not a God of punishment despite what many say. He is a God of love in the midst of evil that tries to undo that love. He forgives us for even those things we never admit to anyone except God himself. He is incredibly loving.

If we ask him he will help us keep from going back into areas of life where we make the same mistake. He will guide us past them, ensuring we move on. Truth, honesty, respect and love are great attributes that move us onwards each day.

Today to be successful, all we need do is accept God’s forgiveness and love, and step out into the world to do what only we can. If we make a mistake, know that God will help us through, no matter what help or lack thereof our fellow man gives us.

May God bless our lives today!

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Monday, May 13, 2013

ďAm I depressed? Or do I just have no purpose in life?Ē

I was reading material on the internet and came across this question...

“Im being 100% serious...I'm a 20 year old girl that recently finished college to become a medical assistant...recently met a guy who I could possibly spend my life with...SO WHY AM I SO UNHAPPY????? I have SO many things to be thankful for and yet I have no motivation for life. I have nothing to look forward to everyday I don't want a job I don't want ANYTHING...I guess part of the
reason is I'm afraid..I'm sooo afraid LIFE that i don't think there is another person in the world who is like me...When the guy that I met is with me he wants to hold my hand and look into my eyes and i cant do it I get afraid and of what I'm not sure....in my externship for college I was afraid to talk to any patients the only thing I was comfortable doing was charting...Me being afraid of everything is ruining my life...I don't know if this is depression or...I just don't know what is wrong with me I have no motivation to get up in the mornings for...BUT I'm not suicidal I could never take my life that's never an option for me...but I'm not going to lie it has crossed my mind in the past...PLEASE I need answers is it just me or are there other people out there that have in purpose in life.”
At http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20130401114207AAtgqRN


This question resonates with me since I have come across a lot of people for whom this seems to be a problem and I pray that they can overcome this weight that pulls them down.

First thing to realize is that self-focus is not good, unless it turns us to other focus.

What does this mean?

We as people, so often become so focussed on ourselves and where we are, that we fail to understand one of the great truths of life....”It’s not all about us!”

Yes folk, life is not all about us. It’s partly about us, but in the majority it’s not.

Okay so that really doesn’t help does it?

I mean, if I am down and someone says life isn’t about me then I really feel down, because my experience is just that! I can feel some days as if no-one would care if I wasn’t there and then you say life is not all about me. How insensitive!

No! Don’t get me wrong! Read on...

Being a Christian really helps us in times like this. Firstly we have this great book that shows us that the greatest mind in the world with the greatest wisdom of anyone who lived had this exact same problem. In fact, he starts off his writing with...

Meaningless! Everything is meaningless!” says the Teacher. “Everything is completely meaningless! Nothing has any meaning.” What does a man get for all of his work? Why does he work so hard on this earth?” Ecclesiastes  1. NIRV

Yet, he ends that same book (whichhe seems to have written to his multiple son’s but made available to others as well)

Remember the One who created you.
    Remember him while you are still young.
Think about him before your times of trouble come.


Everything has now been heard.
    And here’s the final thing I want to say.
Have respect for God and obey his commandments.
    That’s what everyone should do.
14 God will judge everything people do.
    That includes everything they try to hide.
    He’ll judge everything, whether it’s good or evil.

This is the thread that unravels true meaning.

Have respect for God and obey his commandments.
    That’s what everyone should do.

Okay, so how does that help us find purpose?

Maybe we already have acknowledge God is here, available to us, maybe we have reached out and in tears said “ Take me God, my life is yours, make something of me”, maybe we have spent hours in prayer and seem to be getting nothing and hearing nothing in return.

Maybe we are having trouble because God has already empowered us in our life and we are simply not using that power.

Firstly, we need to understand independently of how we FEEL, we do have purpose!

We are the lost, like the lost of Israel so long ago, and in the words Isaiah 43 we need to hear God’s words

“You are priceless to me.
    I love you and honor you.”


Bring back everyone who belongs to me.
    I created them to bring glory to me.
    I formed them and made them.”

We are of great value to God! So much so, that the God who holds together our universe and sustains every living thing, turned himself into a man and died to pay for our screw ups, so that we don’t have to take responsibility for it provided we love Him!

He gave us that way out!

Now how do we take it and find purpose?

It’s relatively simple. First we need to understand we HAVE a purpose, we simply don’t quite get what it is yet!

Our challenge is getting to know it! That means some effort!

We do need to know what is inside our heart and what moves us to do things. I suggest we start with prayer to God. Honest heartfelt prayer to help us to push away all the negative and worthless parts of our lives.

Sometimes an analogy helps...think of two glasses full of water. One is what God wants us to know, and the other is all the bad and wrong things we have filled our life with and believe about ourselves.

How do we fill our glass from God’s?

First we get rid of the useless stuff. We empty the glass that God wants to fill. We reject these aspects in our life. We turn away from negativity and self-loathing towards God help and honest guidance. We seek Holy Spirits guidance. We don’t constrain ourselves to specific work or job descriptions, or social agenda’s. We look for core truth. Truth that is so true it ovewhelms our emotions.

Firstly we grab a few sheets of paper and a pen.

Then we agree with God that we will be totally honest and not accept negative truths.

We need to understand that negative attitudes, false truths, false attitudes towards ourselves need to go.

Now we start writing down the few words into a sentence that defines our purpose in life.

Once they are written we pray and ask God if these are totally true. Probably not. Then we scratch them out if they don’t seem right and start again. Keep doing this. You may fill many sheets of paper before you get there.

Don’t stop until you get to the point that God moves inside you and the words you write seem to be so true and special that you cannot control your emotions as you read what you have written.

When you find these words, and God gives you the knowledge they are true, check them against the heavenly evaluation guidelines...

“‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul. Love him with all your strength and with all your mind.’ And, ‘Love your neighbor as you love yourself.’” (Luke 10:27)

If it falls in with this, then you have a true purpose!

We have all a special purpose in God’s plan. It is an outward focussed purpose. It will reflect how our lives can help others as we find ourselves. It is the light that guides us through the darkness to make true friends. We will learn to love in new ways.

The truth of love is that it is elusive, it is not found by looking for it. It is found by giving it!

It is best found in the side roads and alleyways of life, where we can turn away from trying to do great things for ourselves, and can instead look at how we can take what we have to help others achieve their needs, and grow in their lives.

Great joy is found in these ways. Great purpose!

I do pray you would have the courage to find your purpose for today. May God reveal how you are built to bless our world and yourself.

Have a glorious day enjoying God’s company (he is always near!)

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