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Sunday, October 21, 2018

God's Crazy moments
Have you ever considered that God seems to sometimes have crazy moments?

Think about guiding millions of unarmed people to the edge of a sea when they are being chased by hordes of angry, well equipped special force military trained parents, whose kids had died and who are out for blood and revenge.

Would you like to stand on that sea shore looking out at water with nowhere to go?

Was God crazy for leading them there?

How about sending a carpenter to communicate to the whole world knowing he would be killed before it was done?

Crazy plan?

God does not think like we do. He does not behave as we do. God is not influenced like we are. He is not politically inspired like we are. He has not hidden agenda's like we have. He does not need a congress or parliament to get things done.

God simply loves us all personally and wants to guide our lives and actions towards a place where we can experience eternity in the best way possible.

Crazy God?

Eternity! What can that be?

We hardly understand the word and cannot get the concept. Eternity with a purpose is even harder to imagine. Yet that's what God wants for us, and if we are wise we want it for ourselves.

Daily we wake up to strain and gain a little advantage for the moment of our lives. Yet we wield the forces of heaven and hell in the daily mundane activities of our lives.


We often see little of that eternity because our spiritual eyes are closed most of time being seduced by money, avoidance of pain, security, pleasures and myriads of daily activities that support our desires.Yet God wants us to do a little more than exist!

He wants us to be aware of His purposes in our universe as we do the things that we do each day. That grocery checkout person that we rush by and fail to respect, that cashier at the gas bar or coffee place, that lady cleaning the office or the public washroom, that friend looking solemn, that child we know we love but fail to call and chat to, that parent we forget to acknowledge this week, that person we know we need to forgive but seem to never get to do it.

These are little things God would prompt us to do something about if we used an infinitesimal small amount of the time we have in eternity.

God is crazy for wanting us to do this?

Maybe...but so far the crazy God has always been right.

Think about that...


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