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Thursday, December 4, 2014

MARS...to go where no man has gone, but we arenít the first there
MARS...to go where no man has gone, but we aren’t the first there...

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. -- NASA stood poised to usher in a new era of exploration Thursday with the premier launch of its new Orion spacecraft.
The unmanned test flight was set to begin with a sunrise liftoff. ~CTV Marcia Dunn, The Associated Press

A name we will all get to know in a new context, is ORION.

ORION is a spacecraft is larger than the Apollo rockets and is built to take people to Mars. Tonight was planned to launch on its maiden voyage.

When that first person steps out onto Mars it will be amazing! Like Neil Armstrong on the moon. This is frontier adventure at its best but to do this and sustain our people on the surface of the hostile planet will take incredible amounts of time and effort. Teams of people will need to monitor everything daily and millions of dollars used annually to keep them alive.

Why do it?

To learn about our universe and ourselves.

Amazingly we spend huge amounts of money to gain this knowledge and ignore one simple fact. The person who has not only been to Mars, who knows everything about Mars including the composition of every particle has walked on this Earth and came here to tell us what we needed to hear. What we needed to hear was not what like the surface of Mars was like, or how it was created (that was known by this person already as he had been there when Mars was formed).

No, that person wanted us to know that the creator of the universe wanted a personal relationship with us. That the creator of the universe has a personal interest in us. That the creator of the universe was loving and just but willing to go far to connect with us in an intimate way.

What did we do to this guy?

We nailed him to a tree and left him to die.

We should have known better! He showed us he could do things and knew things no normal man could do and know. He even had setup a nation in our history to be aware of himself so that when he came we would be aware of who he was.

Yet we killed him.

Again we should have known that would not last either.

God does not stay dead! Jesus rose from the dead and amazingly forgave us for what we did!

Amazing! Incredible!

When that great spacecraft lifts off, we need to realize it is such a tiny achievement compared to Jesus extending his love to us. It is even small compared to us accepting the love of God.

Even more amazing, accepting Jesus as Gods son, as the creator of the Universe, as our personal friend and the one who guides our life doesn’t cost millions of dollars. It does cost us handing over control of our life to him, but then, that’s something we can all do for zero dollars. Not only that there is no delay when we decide to do this. No high wind cancellation as has happened with the Orion Launch.

Think about that as Orion lifts off into space for the test voyage blast off on its first unmanned test flight which was planned for7:05 a.m. on Dec. 4, 2014, but is now delayed!
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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Look up on a clear night how much of the universe can you see?
Stars “When it is dark enough, you can see the stars.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

On a clear dark night we look upwards and seem to see a huge amount of stars. These guided ancient mariners, evoked poems of love and teased the imagination of people over thousands of years.

There is a promise to Abram by God...

The Lord took Abram outside and said, “Look up at the sky. Count the stars, if you can.” Then he said to him, “That is how many children you will have.” Genesis 15:5

Maybe God lied?

How many stars could Abraham see?

It depends on the magnitude.  I know around magnitude 6.5 which is typical for the human eye, we see a maximum of 9000 stars.

Wikipedia says this “Theoretically, in a typical dark sky, the dark adapted human eye would see the about 5,600 stars brighter than +6m while in perfect dark sky conditions about 45,000 stars brighter than +8m might be visible. In practice, the atmospheric extinction and dust reduces this number somewhat. In the center of a city, where the naked-eye limiting magnitude due to extreme amounts of light pollution can be +4m or less, as few as 200 to 500 stars may be visible.

Somewhere between 9000 and 45000 is the total number of stars we can see.

How many Jews in Israel currently?

Estimation of the core population is right now 6,180,300 and this excludes the people around the world.

God has kept his promise.

Yet how much of the universe do we see when we look upwards?

There is 100 billion galaxies and our rather small milky way is 300 billion stars so as a rough estimate there is 30,000billion stars.

How much is that?

If a maple tree leaf represents a star and the average tree has 200,000 leaves, it would take 12 ½ earths of maple trees to represent the stars in the galaxy.

Next time you are in a forest look around and think about that. It’s an almost unimaginable number of stars.

Now for the real amazing fact ... Astronomers have found that Dark Matter consists of 27% of the universe (matter we know almost nothing about and have never seen), and Dark Energy 68% of the universe (energy we know is there but cannot see or identify specifically), leaving only 5% of the universe for us to actually have experience of and see.

This means we can only know and see 5% of the universe and that includes those 30,000billion stars of which we see 9000 with our eyes.

We can therefore only see 5% x 9000/30,000,000,000,0000  of the universe, or 0.0000000015% of our universe.

Almost nothing?

Yes, psalm 8 puts it succinctly

 I think about the heavens.
    I think about what your fingers have created.
I think about the moon and stars
    that you have set in place.
What is a human being that you think about him?
    What is a son of man that you take care of him?
You made him a little lower than the heavenly beings.
    You placed on him a crown of glory and honor.

 God loves us so much he not only honors us by making us sons of himself through acceptance of His own son as our one and only way to Himself, but he gives part of his spirit to live within and guide us as we live in this 0.0000000015% of our universe.

Without God we are less that 0.0000000015% significant, with him we are 100% significant.

Let’s think about that as God leads us today!
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