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Sunday, September 18, 2022

WHERE IS God in today’s events?


A Queen dies, Ukraine troops are pushing back Russians, political landscapes change, things get more expensive, pandemics dwindle and AI seems ready to take over.

Where is God? Can any of us measure the effectiveness of our lives or decisions?

Will Queen Elizabeth be remembered favourably, or as an imperialist? Ukraine paints a powerful image of the evil of Russia, but it’s so easy to forget that many of those Russian troops are little more than teenagers, and many have never heard the message of God’s grace, nor God’s view on how we should love rather than hate, and they are probably plagued by demon’s intruding into their every thought, night and day. Things they have seen and done will haunt them to their dying day!

We often generate our own hell on earth, don’t we?

How important is being in control and having the power? Is it not where and how you spend eternity that counts?

Money is a pulse that churns through the veins of our world, but it is how it is made, the reasons it is used, and how we allow it to drive our desires and our opportunities that is the true decision-maker of tomorrow’s world and our eternity.

Many of us fear machines taking over the world, and yet we build and enable them until they will finally judge us themselves. What moral compasses will we insert into their frenetic pattern-starved brains?

Ai's have nothing we don’t give them, and we give them the filth and dirt of humanity dished up in internet passion arousing globules of human information and news. How good is the majority of what we unveil to their naïve impressionable electronic “minds”? How do we inspire them to do good and not evil, when their creators believe in neither?

When all seems lost, we need to remember that years ago a man who was a king, politically active, sexual predator, and who orchestrated a premeditated murder for selfish gain, was faced with a question by a prophet of God that changed everything for him, and turned him to doing good for as long as he lived. The right questions and the right revelations at the right time cause God’s power to explode into history and change the world.

How that man responded is tracked in history, together with his attitude in the words of his prayer to God.

Prayer is a fancy way of saying talking to God.

King David, whose story is found in  2 Samuel 11-2 samuel12:22, was the man referred to previously and Psalm 51 contains his talk with God.

Circumstances do not determine the course of history, God does.

The quantum “ether” of life established by the creator is also best to be guiding that creation. The amazing aspect of all this fervent activity, is that He wants to hear from us. That mumbled and perhaps inconsequential disjointed sentence that we utter is desired to influence the formation of the years to come, the healing of hearts, souls, and spirits, and the changing in indistinguishable ways the future of humanity and our distortions of spacetime.

The simplest answer to the question “WHERE IS God in today’s events?” is that he is everywhere wherever our prayers are uttered.

That leaves me to ask…are you uttering them?

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