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Sunday, September 25, 2022

What is our view of war?

When a person pushes their view of life down on another we call it bullying. In all cultures, it is looked down on and the enforcement mechanisms have varying degrees of punishment dealt out if you are part of civilized communities.

What happens when a leader is an enforcer? Generally, a leader gets there through political controls and perhaps some manipulation of the events or people to get the control which is only theirs, because people let them have it. The absolute control of people in the wrong direction means feeding them lies and hoping they accept and absorb them.

What therefore is the true way of winning a war?

It is by making truth self-evident and promoting it widely.

In the first century the Roman empire was significantly powerful and, in many instances, tried to use and blot out Christianity by force. They burned people alive, had them eaten by wild beasts, and had other nasty ways of convincing the world they were right and God was not with Christians.

It turned out the empire failed but Christ's message and direction didn’t. 


Because love is more powerful than hate and absolute love trumps absolute hate and greed every time.

By focussing on spiritual growth and truth we can help all involved in a war situation. Jesus is the answer because in Him is truth, direction for living, and life. Even death fails because those in Christ simply graduate to a magnificent eternity of painless fulfilling existence filled with love.

By guiding people in God’s ways we guide them towards peace and loving even those who don’t love them.

Take the current Ukraine war. Many Russians want nothing to do with it and are being arrested. Ukrainians want to have their country back.  They kill each other and who wins? Neither side. The Ukrainian land and wealth are being destroyed and it's costing Russia more than Russia can really afford in hard cash and more in integrity.

Working to enable people to have food, life’s necessities, and most of all, spiritual enlightenment, is where the true gain will be. That’s what we as Christians should focus on. No weapons and hate, but loving and supporting all involved.

Having been a soldier in a war zone, and a Christian in the same, I found the true value of the experience is in people understanding God was more important than the conflict.

In acknowledging that death and destruction were just another domain in which only truth and love would really win the war.

Winning a war cannot be done unless the people's hearts are won as well. Doing this requires compassion, respect, and real support. No matter who claims to be the victor, the truth lies in the hearts of the individuals.

Absolute truth is the only real liberator, and Jesus offers that each day to everyone. It all depends on whether we accept it and make this world a better place, or trade hates and make it worse.

That’s something we all need to review in our lives today, whether on a physical or spiritual war front.


 In war situations how do we respond?

Avoid destroying people, Luke 9:56, love others Mark 12:30, 31, love your enemies, Romans 13:10, Matthew 5:39, Luke 6:35, hate is equivalent to murder 1 John 3:15, forgive sin Matthew 6:14,15, the war is not physical John 18:36, 2 Corinthians 10:4, narrow and selfish group identification is contrary to God's law, Galatians 3:28, suffering in this world is to be expected Matthew 16:24,25

We focus on the fact that Jesus didn't destroy the evil empires of the day, but focused instead on saving people spiritually despite the circumstances of the day. Should we not be similar to Jesus who reflected God the Father's heart on Earth?


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